Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 Promises

Welcome 2017, today we have fog and overcast sky. I want to go rambling for new critters to photograph, however, being "New Years Day" I am a little concerned about travel.
The eagle nest need to be checked, it is getting close to time for them to lay eggs and start sitting on them. They should be adding to the nest at this time. I want a photograph of one with a large stick in flight.
My gold for 2017 is to spend more time photographing and studying wildlife. I also hope to photograph a fox and bobcat this year. It seems that the owl population has dwindled some. We once had no trouble finding them at Pond Creek but as of lately they seem scarce. The deer population seems smaller at Pond Creek also.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Cold Winter Days in Arkansas (Eagles)

Another cold day here at "Matilda's Cave". This was taken on another cold day last year in Arkansas. It was a chance shot, as we were traveling down some backroads searching the surrounding area this and another eagle were spotted on the road right of way near chicken houses. I am going back to this area today looking for Bald Eagles.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Fascination with Nature

Today I remained inside the confines of my cave avoiding the cold wind, however my soul continues to desire that body and soul escape, loaf, or just ramble through the woods and streams of some secluded mountain trails. A secluded favorite place where only me and my pups wander, a place where inspiring thoughts are found in the quietness of natural and real things. 
The promise of rain always excites me, something different than the norm. The rain washes the earth and confines intolerable souls to their dark corners. Only the hardy and happy humans brave the rain. We hear trash talk like " I am going to stand in the rain" or "what a day for a walk in the rain" when in truth you could not throw their weak phony asses off the porch.
One of my favorite sounds is that of thunder rumbling through the mountain valley and then the sound of rain drops on the leaves or streams. God gave us such simple things to enjoy but yet we are always in search of bigger and better. A lawn chair, camera, thermos of coffee and snacks sitting in seclusion far from worries and advice of assholes is the true "Good Life".
Me and Jane went to a location to view a new eagle nest last week. As we walked through the woods between the nest tree location and  shore of a lake we could see dark clouds and hear thunder far across the lake;this only added to the experience of the day. As we returned to the vehicle rain started slowly and then huge rain drops started. We drove to a point that overlooks the lake in a effort to spot a chance sighting of the eagle flying to a roost to avoid the storm. No eagle was observed but the snacks were good in the rain and the conversation was better.The rain was falling so hard we could not have seen the eagle if it had been on the hood of our ride.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Nature Happenings: Fall is Here

Nature Happenings: Fall is Here: This morning finally felt like fall arrived. Soon we will smell the aroma of hardwood burning in the fireplace and hear the geese flying sou...

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Fall is Here

This morning finally felt like fall arrived. Soon we will smell the aroma of hardwood burning in the fireplace and hear the geese flying south, that is when I like to wander through the wild. The butterflies and hummers are many here at my cave. I enjoy the Texas wild flowers I planted years ago. They re-produce each year with little work for me and they bring critters for me to watch and photograph. I so much enjoy the wilds of nature and the solitude it offers. Nothing can compare to a cool morning, cup of coffee and nature at your front door.
Today we went to Rick Evans W M A near Saratoga Arkansas to see what it had to offer in the way of wildlife and flowers. It was generous to us as nature usually is. I photographed Red Tail Hawks and butterflies, wildflowers and enjoyed the company. 

Blue Sky and Red Tail Hawks

Today was a great fall day with cool temperatures here at my cave. We decided to go check out the "Rick Evans WMA" in Arkansas. We arrived around noon and spotted a bunch of Red Tail Hawks over the area. I got some photos of them and then we found the butterflies (Monarch) and other species. The weather was so nice you wanted to remain all day.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Butterflies and Autumn

The last days of summer are here and winter not far behind. I can say I am happy with this, I am ready for some winter nature photography with unusual weather. I am enjoying the winter migration of all that move south.Outside my cave widow has been a busy scene the past few days with all the South bound traffic.
The butterflies,bees and hummers are filling up for the journey south.Each day I have new species of all. The Mississippi Kites have already moved south from here.They always move within a few days ether side of "Labor Day". 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Butterflies Return to my Wildflower Garden

The past two days the "Flying Gardens" returned to my "Texas Wildflower Gardens" in my yard. Several years ago I ordered the East Texas blend and now I just wait for them to re-produce with little care, the Hummers and Butterflies love them. From my cave window I can see three gardens while I write and edit my photographs, at this moment I also see three Mississippi Kites flying overhead with a thunderhead in the background.
I enjoy the wildflowers as much as the critters, today I got a bonus, I photographed a Hummingbird moth and a grasshopper on the blooms. There is always a challenge and a surprise awaiting in nature.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

From My Cave Window Today

Rain is falling here at the cave, Mother is washing her gifts once again. I am enjoying watching the drops fall and the birds at the feeder just outside my window.The blue-jays are feeding in the heavy rain and resembles some other black bird. The hummers are back and we have their feeders hanging. From my patio we watch the birds feeding and the Mississippi Kites flying overhead.
Life is made for peace and quite and enjoying the wild nature that surrounds us.Here in my cave I am surrounded by bird books for identification and they are beginning to show wear and tare. Soon the weather will support the butterfly's when the temperatures remain warm the entire day.I wish I could enjoy these scenes with no clutter from humans in the background.    

Sunday, May 1, 2016

New Grounds Rick Evans W L M A Arkansas

Eagle and Nest at Rick Evans conservation in Arkansas. Many wildflowers and song birds.

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