Monday, February 19, 2018

Wild Hogs in the Wetland

Today on February, 19, 2018 it was 74 degrees with a light wind from the south. After our coffee we decided to go to Pond Creek and check out the wildlife there. We had possible rain showers and heave cloud cover. 
  When we arrived it appeared there was not going to be any photographs made of wildlife. We searched for any sign of life and finally we found a bunch of wild hogs roaming the woods. We watched them and photographed them rooting the ground. This went on for some time before they realized we were there. We found five bunches before the day was over.
   The Cormorants were working the shallow ponds and the Blue Herons were busy also, Photographing any wildlife we found was the plan. We searched for any owls and found none , but did have two calling back and forth near a creek bottom near Red Lake.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Today was a great day out with the critters, I finally got photos of the Bald Eagles at T A 2 working on the nest and flying with their building materials (limb) .

Friday, January 5, 2018

Nature Happenings with Dennis Waters: Sunshine and Hawks

Nature Happenings with Dennis Waters: Sunshine and Hawks: It was 15 degrees on this morning in the Red River Bottoms with bright sunshine. The hawks were hunting close to the ground in the fields fo...

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Sunshine and Hawks

It was 15 degrees on this morning in the Red River Bottoms with bright sunshine. The hawks were hunting close to the ground in the fields for field mice and etc.


Sunday, December 17, 2017

Nature Happenings with Dennis Waters: "Winter Time and the Living is Easy"

Nature Happenings with Dennis Waters: "Winter Time and the Living is Easy":   Today was a stay home day. Any and all weather conditions are always rite for photographing some  kind of wild critter, however, there  ar...

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"Winter Time and the Living is Easy"

  Today was a stay home day. Any and all weather conditions are always rite for photographing some  kind of wild critter, however, there  are days when just looking out the window at the rain and sitting beside a warm fire is best. I have worked on my photographs and read today with the curtains open wide to watch the rain..My bird feeder outside the window has been busy this morning. We had predictions for snow during Christmas but it has been removed and just rain remaining.
  The weather finally matched the season, it has been like spring for the past few days. We have had many geese frequenting the pond behind our cave. Yesterday there were two groups circling over the cave and finally they joined together and landed on the lake.
   I wish Christmas day could be spent with family in a cabin in the mountains with snow falling and a big fireplace roaring. I get tired of the same activities each holiday, they are always spent inside . It would be nice to celebrate in the Rocky Mountains or Smokey Mountains with plenty of family and friends on hand having a good time and watching the snow pile up. The aroma of dressing and deserts floating around in the cabin with kids and new toys playing on the floor and NO ELECTRONIC GADGETS beeping and farting. 
   The birds outside the cave window are forging on seeds and insects in the grass. They are so accurate with determining any changes in the weather and their actions always predict the changes coming. I feel that winter has arrived and we can expect some serious winter weather, maybe even a some snow.
   I guess the authors of the Christmas songs and tunes like: Winter Wonderland, Frosty the Snowman and Jingle Bells had the same thoughts and mine are not unique.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Hanging with the Rain

 A perfect day for hanging here in my cave reading and editing photographs. There is no rain falling at this time, but looks like it can anytime now. I went to the T A 2 eagle nest yesterday and photographed some of the activities at the nest re-construction for the upcoming nesting season. The eagles (pair) or staying close to the nest area. They leave for short periods of time and return to the area sometimes on the nest or on a nearby limb. It seems as though one works on the nest while the other watches. I know they are bringing in limbs and other items but I have not been there when they do. I want a photograph of one of them with a big stick flying into the nest.
  While we were watching the nest yesterday we had visitors, three beaver showed up and played in the river bed. The mallard ducks were busy on the water. On the way to the nest we traveled down Sparks Lane to see if any critters were at the slough. The nutrias were sunning on their pads and some hawks were observed and of course there was the great egrets fishing.
  The weather was like a warm spring day. It seems so strange that we are near Christmas and still have had no winter weather. I hope it turns cold before Christmas Day and maybe even snow here in East Texas. The leaves are falling like snowflakes and the ground is covered with all different colors, Jane loves to watch the leaves falling.
  I would like to spend the holidays in the Arkansas mountains with snow falling and a big fire in a fireplace and quietness  all around. I would like to photograph the different critters in the snowfall and watch the Cossatot River roll over the river rocks with snow capping the round river rocks.
  Well the mist has arrived, no rain just heavy mist and darker sky. There is some kind of change in the weather coming, there are few bird outside my cave window. I am going to put out fresh food for them.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

"Hawks of the Bottoms"

Here in East Texas we refer to the river bottoms as "The Bottoms" the one most referred to for me is the "Red River Bottoms. The Red River Bottoms separates Arkansas,Texas and Oklahoma. It has an array of wildlife for the wildlife lover and photographers. One of my favorite are the "Bird's of Prey" , the eagles,,kites and the many species of hawks. These birds are all so majestic and graceful.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Waiting on the Rain

  When I got up this morning and went out to get the newspaper I discovered it was raining. First time in a long while. It feels like autumn has arrived. I think the colors are starting to show up in the Arkansas Hills. I seem to have missed them the past few years for one reason or another. Today would be a great day to be photographing them with the cloud cover.
  I am ready for the leaves to fall so I can see and photograph the owls, hawks and eagles. Every season offers something different to photograph. 
Traveled to Northern Arkansas to view the colors of fall..Bright reds,gold,yellow and browns. We did not find much wildlife since we were on the roadways. We did have an escort by a nice size buck down the highway at one location.

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